An Exciting Day

May 7, 2014

I would like you to describe an exciting day you have had in your life.  Why was it exciting?  What were you doing?  Who was with you?  When did it happen? 


8 Responses to “An Exciting Day”

  1. Taking a class trip to valley fair was the most enthusiastic day on earth I had. The rides were stupendous! we had a blast of high density and fear. This summer will be second time going with friends on the joyful fearsome rides.

  2. Akbar Hardowar said

    My excited day of my life was when my son was born. The exciting day was when we were told that it is a boy by ultra sound person technician. My wife and I were so excited because we want that. The days fill ours heart with joy and happiness .This happened in Guyana. I am thinking about so many things in my head. I wanted to buy for him some cool toys and play with him. I started to make a list of things that I am going to buy. All of this excitement makes me feels so happy. Today is an amazing boy and I love him.

  3. Rebecca S. James said

    An exciting day in my life was being accepted for a scholarship. It was an exciting day because I passed a public test that was given to 200 persons, and the organization needed only 20 persons with high scores. We did take the test in Math, English, and Literature. During the day of the test, my mother and brothers escorted me at the testing hall. They waited until the tests were over. This day was sometime in April 2000. Thank you Lord for your knowledge and strength upon me on that day.

  4. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    The exciting days in my life was the first day I entered in school with others Students. At that time a boy from the valley without English language going to school was a dream to me. I was not understanding English or to speak. The second exciting day was graduating from high school. At the time I have no money to make a small party. But about two days before the graduation I have enough money for the party. After the graduation I started thinking where the money came from but God.

  5. misra osman said

    Most excited day of my life when I was fill trip with my sister, brother and my cousin. It was 2009 when my family and I went to the Wisconsin dells. We stay there for three days. First we went water parks it was so fun and we went Golf Park because my brother and cousin want to play golf but to me it was boring staff. Nigh we ride the boat I saw stars and moon it was so beautiful. I really enjoyed that day

  6. biftu ibrahim said

    The most exciting day in my life was when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I had heavy bleeding and I thought I lost the baby. When I went to the doctor they told me that I was still pregnant and the baby heart bet was fine. It was the happiest moment in my life and immediately my heart filed with a joy and cried with happy tears. Now I had beautiful and happy healthy daughter who I adore and love unconditionally.

  7. I will have to say the most exciting day for me was when I found out that my girlfriend was pregnant with our first child.not only that I was excited, It was an over joy for me as well, because I was not expecting it.I remember when we went in for the first ultrasounds, and I saw the heart beat of the baby for the first time, tears of excitement run down my eyes, I called my mother back home in Africa to give her the exciting news she couldn’t believe it, because growing up as a child I used to tell my parents that I would not have a child or get married.on to this day every time I see my lovely daughter (Altiana) that tears of excitement will always come back, so I will have to say, that was the most exciting day for me when i have her.

  8. khadija Mohamed said

    Life is to have exciting and sadness. I had in my life many different exciting days. The most remarkable moment day in my life was when I met my mother after nineteen years. The last day I saw my mother was January 21, 1992. After long time I met again at June 9, 2011, this day was my second time I was born. I was so happy to see my mother. I can not describe how I was, but it was joy and emotional day in my life I do not know if I will have another day like that exciting I had.

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