An Important Person

May 7, 2014

Describe one person in your life who is important to you.  Who is the person?  Why are they so important in your life?   Describe the person fully.  (This is a picture of my mother.  She is so important to me.  She has so much joy and love.  She is a very happy person who cares deeply for others.  I am so blessed with such a wonderful and beautiful mother!)


8 Responses to “An Important Person”

  1. My mother is the dearest person in my life. She have and had been involved in my life since I was a baby. She carry me nine months and brought me to earth. I show appreciation and gratitude every time. Mothers are the best person to have as a parent.

  2. misra osman said

    The most people in my life who are very important to me is my mother. She is a nice, lovely, and care mother. My mom who taka care me when I was baby and taught me wrong from right because when I was young I don’t know what is right and wrong. My mom lives in Africa and I live in the United States but I have good relationship with my mom. She always gives me love and hope. I am a very lucky person

  3. Akbar Hardowar said

    First, my mother is the most important person in my life and she is my pride and joy. She taught me how to cook. She taught me how to wash my own clothes. She taught me a lot of things. She is there for me whenever I needed her. She is amazing person. My mother is environment service aide. She works at a hospital. My mother is a very hard working person and I am so inspire by her attitude of working. She gets up very early in morning to go to work by walking. She walked spring, summer, fall and winter. I help my mother and I take care of her. I love my mother daily and I am blessed to have a mother.

  4. Rebecca S. James said

    The most important person in my life is my mother. Mothers are the heart of a family. This is the description of my mother; my mother is dark in complexion, she is of average height, and she has blond hair. My mother works as a Midwife. My mother loves everyone she comes in contact with, and she is very passionate of everything she does. My mother is so important in my life because she gives birth to me, taught me every essential things of life, and always there when I call. Mother, you are my role model, and I am so glad to have you as my mother.

  5. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    The important persons that was in my life were my father and my mother .Those two persons were so important to me than anything . Theirs happiness brought me in this World. But today they are no more death had taken them. May theirs soul rest in peace with God.

  6. When I think about the most important people in my life, I will obviously say my mother and my two girls. My mother has always been the back bone for our family, during the war in my country Sierra Leone ( West Africa), Mother acted as a father to me and my siblings, she protect us form the rebels, provide food, and shelter.So because of that I will always consider her to be one of the most important people in my life.And in regards to my kid’s they always show me love and happiness. It’s a pleasure to have them as my precious kid’s, I will not trade them for anything in this world.

  7. biftu ibrahim said

    The one person who is very important in my life was my sister Lubaba. She was my rock and most importantly she is like a mom to me. I was only a year old when our mom died. My sister was the one who was there for me when I needed some to taker of me. She was there to give me a guide from right and wrong and most of all she was there to give me unconditional a love and support.

  8. khadija Mohamed said

    The remarkable person in my life is my mother. She is admirable and lovely mother. My mother is my first teacher that teaches me how to walk, talk and to be a nice person. Mothers are the rote of the family, without the mother world will be dark and without light. I love my mom and I always remember. She is in my mind. I am so glad to have you all my life and thank you to be affect in my life.

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