May 7, 2014

Do you like to listen to music?  When do you usually listen to music?  Do you have a favorite singer/band?  I like Adele.  She’s from England.  I’ve been listening to her for over two years.


8 Responses to “MUSIC”

  1. Music is energetic! music brings relaxation, music is a part of the sole. without music things are just too boring to bear. I love music! Music are lively at parties and occasion. My favorite kind of music are African music. The beats to African’s songs are ballistic with lots of energy that forcefully gets you up to dance.

  2. Akbar Hardowar said

    I listen to music all the time. It is a bring relaxation to me. My favorite song is happy days by Pharrell Williams. I like this song and I play it all time when I am on road driving from and to my destination. He’s from United States of America. I played this song over and over in my car. There are some many songs that I listen but this is my most favorite one of all. I always watch the Grammys award or people choice award. The 2014 Grammy award when William Pharrell and Daft Punk got the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance.

  3. Rebecca S. James said

    Music is an agreeable sound. I like to listen to music. I do considered music a therapy to life stresses. Country and Pop are my choice of music. I usually listen to music during the morning and evening hours, and when I am driving. Usher Raymond is my favorite singer. He started singing at a very early age. He is talented. I love all of his songs and albums. He is an American from Atlanta. I have listened to him for over seven (7) years.

  4. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    I like listen to music when am reading, during my assignment, during something and if am alone at home. My best singers were James Brown and Michael Jackson. Those people music have message in it, but today music have no message in it.

  5. Music has always been a part of me, my dad (Sallu Sarjoh) was a local jazz musician in my country, who I grew up listening to.He’s a true inspiration to the music I listen to now . My favorite artist is the legendary, the greatest, king of jazz (BB king). I listen to his music now because it reminds me of my dad’s music and it also brings me relaxation, even at work, I will play his music to make my work flow go smoothly and faster. He’s one of my favorite musician’s. I also listen to Jamaica born artist (Bob Marley) who happens to be one of the greatest icon in the music industry. One of my favorite song of his is “Africa unite” it’s a song about unity among the Africa nation. Most people look up to him as there role model, He is a true Legend as well.

  6. biftu ibrahim said

    I do like to listened music because music can take me back to old memory like who I was with and also it relax me when I stress out. It is like a therapy and medicine. I also like music because it is a universal language also I like to listened music to entertain myself. I really like Rod steward old song Have I Told You lately that I love you it is a beautiful lyric. I love that song it is my favorite every time I listen that music I remember my wedding day and my first dance with my husnand.

  7. khadija Mohamed said

    Most of my time I do not listen music. Music is not my hoppy, sometimes when I listen music I always like the songs that talks people how to survive or about education for kids. I like singer named kaynan. He is originally from Somalia, but live in Canada and he is Canadian. His songs are about the life of kids who lived the countries that have a war. I really like the song have told a do not teach me how to use a gun teach me how to say A.B.C. it is emotional and remembering the real life.

  8. misra osman said

    I like Kety Perry, Justin Bieber, Blake and Carrie country singer. When I got bored I listening Kety Perry and Justice Bieber because I want something wake me. I have been listening Blake for a year I like his music because I grew up in country side. He flashback my memories when he ride horse and farmer. Now I live in city but I am enjoying to listening his music. Carrie she is a good country singer and she has nice voice.

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