Reality TV

May 7, 2014

Do you watch any reality TV programs such as American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, or Survivor?   Why do you think these shows are so popular in the United States?  Would you like to go on a reality tv show?  Why or why not?


7 Responses to “Reality TV”

  1. I personally love sitting and listening to people discuss about their stories. they express it through music, art, and on television. being part or on a realty show will be fantastic. I am a little conservative with my personal issues but expressing my thoughts and feeling is what are enjoy doing.

  2. Rebecca S. James said

    Reality TV Shows are shows about everyday life and actual happenings. It is not a written act. I love to watch Reality Shows because they show the real you. It is a daily routine of mine. It is entertaining when people express their personal lives and talents on TV. These shows are popular in America because of the amusement, drama or suspense they give. Though I love to share thoughts and feelings but I believed in the protection of my personal life.

  3. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    Dancing with the Stars are so popular in the United State, because more young people want to be seeing on a popular show. They also want to be known by people all over the World. More people watched this show than any others show in America. Mostly the young people.

  4. akbar hardowar said

    I love to watch reality TV shows like American Idol. American Idol is my favorite shows of all time because I enjoy the watching smaller kids sing. The songs are beautiful when they sing. The best part is that a lot of performance is incredible. They are talent kids. This show has a high rate volume on the TV today. People all over the world watch American Idol. People loves a good reality shows and they are interesting the next episodes of what is going happen. Who will be eliminated next from group? I would like to be on a reality TV show because I can play a bad guy or a good guy. A person gets hooked on reality shows. I like American Idol.

  5. biftu ibrahim said

    I do like a reality show particularly survival show. I like to watch the show because it is very interesting how people can be manipulate each other and can lie to each other to get to the end of game. It is also interesting how people do can adapt in the middle of nowhere with no basic need I wander why they call it survival. I do not want to be in that kind show because I do not thing I can handle the frustration for that long time forget forty day. I think the show is poplar because what people do for the money to the end by any means even if it means ling or by winning the challenges.

  6. misra osman said

    I watch some reality TV shows as the voice, dancing with the star and Dr. Phil. I think the voice is so popular TV shows in the United States because America wants to watch new singer and vote their favorite singer. Dancing with the star is popular because a lot celebrity participates to competing to be a dancer and America chooses their favorite dancer. I like to watch Dr. Phil and I like how he helps people who had struggle with a family or other things. I like to go on a reality TV shows because I want to a popular

  7. khadija Mohamed said

    I personally do not watch TV shows. My free time I watch news, but sometimes if I would watch TV I like to watch reality TV shows because they talk about real stores. The real store is more interesting store then the not real store that is why more popular reality TV shows. I would not like to go on reality TVs because I believe is wasting time and not important thing to participate.

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