Would you like to be a teacher?

May 7, 2014

Would you like to be a teacher?  Why or why not?  Imagine you had a teach one class.  What class do you think you could teach?  What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher?  (This is a picture taken  with my Italian student in NYC)


9 Responses to “Would you like to be a teacher?”

  1. I would whole heartily want to be a student teacher. Being a Teacher is awesome! Teachers’ teaches diverse students and learn varies of culture. interacting with kids or people as a teacher is breath taking experience. History is my favorite subject. Teaching World history to student will be so cool!

  2. Been a teacher is something that I will like to do, I love taking that initiative to be in the position to enlightened others.It’s a good feeling knowing that you are making a difference in some one’s life. If I have to teach a class for a day, I will obviously choose to teach an English class, i consider it to be one of my favorite subject in school, It is also my second speaking language.I would love to teach it because it will improve my English as well.

  3. Rebecca S. James said

    I would definitely love to be a teacher. It will enable me impart information and skills into people meanwhile, learn as well. It is rewarding to enlighten one mind. Being a teacher, Mathematic will be the one subject that I would love to teach. It is one of my favorite subjects. Advantage of being a teacher, you get to meet people of different backgrounds and upbringing. Students follow your directive and you have the final say. Disadvantage would be, poor performances from student. A student unable to follow direction and one has to talk and stand perhaps for hours.

  4. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    I could like to be a teach, just to help Students with theirs learning.
    To be a teacher you learns every days that is good to teach. If I be a teacher, I could like to teach Math and social study.
    But the disadvantages in teaching are many. Students are not respecting teachers as it used to be. I can remembered in the 6os when we were Students in Africa in Liberia we respect our teachers anywhere .

  5. akbar hardowar said

    I would love to be a teacher. Teaching is so awesome and best part is I get to give lots of homework to students. Teaching is fun when you are interacting with students. You and students are laughing together. A teacher helps a student who is falling behind. Teaching is guidance and a sense of direction to follow. It is a well-paying job. My favorite subject that I would like to teach is English language class. English is a great language to speak. Disadvantages are when students are talking during class and not respecting teacher. An advantage of being a teacher is that you get to learned something new about a student and his culture. What culture is he?

  6. biftu ibrahim said

    I like to be a teacher because it makes me feel happy. Teaching is an awesome fun job. Not only that you have to enrich and help to educate the kids will be a great feeling. I love to teach especially first graders it is very cute the way they think and also I like the idea of teaching because I have to help the kids to improve their knowledge and also to improve their confidence. That is the most priceless job.

  7. misra osman said

    I like my entire teacher and I really appreciated them. If you ask me would I like to be a teacher my answer will be no. The reason I don’t like be a teacher because teacher deal with bad and good students. Teacher teaches students and correct students homework’s and tests. I think to being a teacher is hard for me because is too much work. Same teacher wake up weekend morning to make correction students homework’s like we do our homework.

  8. khadija Mohamed said

    Being a teacher is a hard work, passion and fun. I would like to be a teacher because teaching is inspiring an overwhelming feeling. My favorite subject that I would like to teach is science because is something in your life or real thing. A teacher helps a student to grow up their brain. Teaching is hard work that needs to have a lot of potion for student who does not respect. An advantage of being a teacher is you get to know many different characters.

  9. Back in High School, we had student teachers subbing for other teachers. Being a student teacher is a good experience to have. You will have difficult students and the nicest student that are always ambitious to learn. I would love to become a student teacher someday and undergoes the experience they have with students. One of the coolest thing a students’ teachers does, A student’s teacher teaches varies of subject before they have their original subject.

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