Your Favorite Website

May 7, 2014

What are some of your favorite websites?  Why do you like these sites?  How often do you use these sites?  I enjoy GOOGLE.  It is the best place to find information quickly!


9 Responses to “Your Favorite Website”

  1. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    There are many websites in the computer system. Therefore, my favor website is Google. I selected Google because it is so easy to find something on Google website. Many people are using Google website more than all the others websites. I believed that Google website is the leaving website . If I want to define a word I go to Google website and I will find that word as soon as I put the information on Google.

  2. Akbar Hardowar said

    My favorite websites are Yahoo, Google, Facebook, fox9 news, and MSN. I like these websites because I can find all sort of important information like for my researches. I can watch news online. What is happening around the world? What are some upcoming events in the community? I do use this website on a regular time to time basis. I enjoy Facebook. Facebook is a great tool for social media like chatting with family, friends. The big idea is that I can stay in touch with relatives and distance family. When you cannot see or talk to your friends during the week or weekends. I like all of these websites.

  3. Rebecca S. James said

    In this day and age websites are of significant; it is those places or sites where one gets information at once. In regards to my favorite website they are Google, Dictionary .com, Ask, Ancestry, Yahoo, Facebook,BBC News Allafrica etc.. I like these sites because they give information on activities or happenings around the world and your communities. Like Facebook or Yahoo, they enable you connect or communicate with friends and families far and near. I do visit these sites as often as possible; it is like a daily routine of mine.

  4. biftu ibrahim said

    Today our world growth with a technology we can get any kind of information from websites. My favorite websites are goggle, Facebook and khan academy. Personally I use goggle to do my research to gather information and I use Facebook to chat with my friend and family overseas all most in daily bases. Moreover, I like khan academy because I can get help in any subject like math, science it is like having a personal tauter you can get explanation in any topic with examples.

  5. misra osman said

    I think I use more than 20 websites a day because I pay my bills online and shopping online, but my favorite website is Google, yahoo, YouTube, face book and twitter. I use Google to learn new things and get more information. Yahoo I use to check my email, news and sport and they post a lot different things like celebrities. I think you tube is good to leasing video music and watch movies. Face book and twitter I use for fun

  6. khadija mohamed said

    My favorite website is especially the useful one when I am at home to study, it is the so well known Google. As a student to be a chemistry technician I always use this website to study. When you have a question the website can provide the answer easily and make your understanding better. There is a lot of information about everything you need to know. The technology today is so advanced making easy to study with help of this website.

  7. My favorite Website is which happens to be my clothing site.we are specialized on fashion bow tie, for men,woman, and kids.

    • And above all,I love the place where you can find everything you need in your finger tips.I enjoy using Google map for directions.I personal love you tube where you upload videos and photos.

  8. List of my favorite web browsing sites are Footlocker, Finish line, Facebook, Saiyain Island, YouTube, NHCC, Google and Twitter. These sites are social and intellectual media. they gets you addicted, depends how often you browse in a day. My web searching on the internet is a constant habitual process. The intellectual sites like college website, are helpful with giving instructors information about homework, projects, test scores etc..

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