Your Fears

May 7, 2014

What are some of your fears?  When did you begin to have such fears?  Please describe your fears fully.  I have a terrible fear of rats and mice.  I hate to even look at them.  I’ve had this fear all of my life.


7 Responses to “Your Fears”

  1. My phobias are for snakes in general. they are sizzling, creepy, mean and devilish animal. I hate being in a snake zone. Snakes are too dangerous to have as a pet. Their bites are poisonous and Anaconda are large snakes people keep as pet that squeeze and swallow it’s prey. please keep snake away form me at all times.

  2. Rebecca S. James said

    I do fear snakes. They are a no go zone for me. My fear become when a friend pace on a snake, it bit her and she was pronounced dead in on time. It was the worst day of my life. I had nightmares. Snakes are creepy, horrible, toxic and devilish. Being in the presence of a snake is not an option. I would appreciate were people to understand my fears.

  3. akbar hardowar said

    I do not like bees at all. I get the chills by just watching them on plants or trees. They always were making buzzing sound. They have nice colors like yellow and black. They will follow you if you trouble them. I have terrible of fears bees when I was 6 years old. Whenever, I see a bee flying in the air I would walked so fast because I feels that this bee will come to me and bit me. I would run even if I see them on tree or plant. I gets goose bump by looking at them. I do not like bees but I do like their honey. Bees are beautiful and can be dangerous.

  4. khadija Mohamed said

    I have extreme fear of snake and bees. I get nerves to be close or even watch them. I have had this fear of long time ago. My fear of snack started when I was little sleeping outside of our home and snake came to me pass through tower touched to my hand his rattle tale when I woke up I sow snake, I get so scare after that experience. Also I had have fear of bees same thing, bees attack me one day and I get scare up to now. These are so dangerous to be around.

  5. I will definitely have to say height and water.when I was a younger growing up I remember a friend of mine fall to his death from a three story building and just that feeling make me so scared of high so bad that any time I think about it makes me sick to my stomach.The reason why I choose water as my second fear was, when I was 17 year old there was a terrible ferry tragedy that cost about some 500 people life. in August 14 1997, while traveling from the capital city to another town and out of 500 people 12 bodies found including a family member of mine.

  6. misra osman said

    I am a phobia at snake, dogs, and other gangrenous animals. When I was young I saw women who die by bitten of black cobra. Snake is very dangerous insect in my country especial in countryside. I can’t even watch a snake on the TV because I have fear at snakes and I can’t control my emotion when I saw snakes’. I heat dogs because I get bite two times. Dogs are my foe because dogs don’t like me.

  7. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    My most fear is snake. From the time I was born, I been having fears with snake all the times in my life. Snake is not any good animal to be around human being. The fears of snake is all over the World. I even hate to see a mice or rate in my home. A mice or a rate not good in any home because that mice or rate will eat all your belonging in your home. So they are not good at all.

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