Your Goals

May 7, 2014

What are some of your life goals?  What might be the best way to achieve your goals?


8 Responses to “Your Goals”

  1. Akbar Hardowar said

    My goals are to accomplish my Associate Degree in law enforcement and also to completing at North Hennepin Community College. I must work and study very hard to get my Associate Degree. I want to pass all my ESOL class in A or B.I wants to become a police officer in future. I want to become a good writer. I want to go to University of Minnesota continue my education. I have to do some researches and find out what are resources that I needed to accomplish these goals. I have to put a plan together and set a deadline for each goal.

  2. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    The only best way I see now is by going to College for me to get a degree in my area of study. If that happened in my life I will be so happy that my dream has comes too. My goals is to be a Accountant, this is why am going to College for. Today, to get a better job you have to be a College graduate. Even if you have first degree in any area of study people will know you. As old I am coming back to school means I want to achieve something in life, that is my goals.

  3. Rebecca S. James said

    One feels glad and fulfill when his or her goals are accomplished. It is easy to write down or say goals than to act goals, for definition goals are aims or purposes. Goals can be accomplish when one act the goals. I do have numerous goals but my primary is to graduate from college. Other goals involve but not limited to being a good mother and wife to my family; that my family remain family regardless of circumstances or conditions and build my dream house in my native land. I know with this strength of mind same is possible.

  4. khadija mohamed said

    My goal is to be a chemistry technician. To achieve it I entered to our college, the North Hennepin Community College. To start I have many subjects to study. There are English writing and reading, then science, math, and chemistry for sure. These classes take at least two years to graduate and I plan to continue my education at the University of Minnesota. It will allow me to get a good job as a chemists. Therefore, all these studies will allow me to achieve my goals.

  5. misra osman said

    To achieve my goal I have to work hard and stay in school until I receive my degrees. I think everybody have dream and I have dream to my dream is graduate from college and have nice job. Right now I have three goals. Next year I will be work full time and go back to my country to visit my family member. My second goal is after I receive my associate degree from north Hennepin community college I will transfer to the dental school

  6. My goals have always been the self motivation goals. I always wanted to be persistent / consistent in everything that I do, I try not to give up easily until I see a better results.My two major goals for 2014, to succeed academically in school and to make sure my clothing website is up and running to my fullest satisfaction. In other for me to achieve this two goals, I have to be focused in school, do my assignment and turn it in on time, pass my exams and attend class every week.In regards to my other goals I will make sure i put more effort into designing my product and advertising it to the right people.over all I wanted to be a better person going forward in life.

  7. Establishing my life goals will bring success not just to me as an individual but society. The goals that I am pursuing is to become a Pharmacologist. Becoming a Pharmacologist will contribute to those that are sick and need medication prescribe by Doctors. In other to achieve my goals, I will need to have to endured six years of studies at the NHCC College.

  8. biftu ibrahim said

    My goal is to become a Labe technician. Moreover I want to be an example for my children and in stole the hard work of school because school requires a patient and hard work. So to accomplish my dream I have to go to school and take some science class before I inter the program because it requires to having a strong back ground in science for example, chemistry, biology and math. Once I had completed my general I can start my requirement to the program.

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