Your Weekends

May 7, 2014

What are some things you usually do during the weekend?  What did you do this weekend?  I usually must prepare for my classes on the weekend.  I also meet with some of my friends for lunch or dinner.


9 Responses to “Your Weekends”

  1. Akbar Hardowar said

    My weekend is usually very important to my family and me. We spend a lot of time on weekend together because I work full time. I have to go to school on weekdays. My weekend is for studying and taking my family out for dinner. This weekend I took my family to Mall of America. They are great games and fun things to do with kids. I like going to Mall of America with my family it brings out that special moment about your kids seeing them, playing, laughing, and it reminded me how much I miss them when life makes us busy.

  2. Augustus Y. Lepowoe said

    I usually must prepare for Church in the morning, after Church I prepare to study my lessons. I always take two hours to study my lesson. From there I go and visit my family members and some friends. After that I clean my room and prepare for evening Church. After the evening Church service I returned to study my lesson for an others hours.

  3. Rebecca S. James said

    Weekends are very important especially as a mother. My weekends are family oriented; it is those time of the week where lot of things are done with or as a family. As a tradition of my family said times kids are taken to relatives and friends, we go at playgrounds or parks, attend functions of love ones and go bike riding depending on the season or climate condition. My must do on weekends are attending church services and groceries shopping.

  4. misra osman said

    To achieve my goal I have to work hard and stay in school until I receive my degrees. I think everybody have dream and I have dream to my dream is graduate from college and have nice job. Right now I have three goals. Next year I will be work full time and go back to my country to visit my family member. My second goal is after I receive my associate degree from north Hennepin community college I will transfer to the any dental school.

  5. biftu ibrahim said

    My weekend was very busy. As a mom I had to do most of the house work in weekend for example, cooking, cleaning and laundry. Moreover, I had to help my kids with homework and also do my homework too. Sometimes I have my niece and nephew over the weekend so we can have some family time together. However this weekend I went to my nephew wedding. I have a good time because all of my family was there and we all had a good time and enjoy our company.

  6. misra osman said

    Most of the time I have a nice weekend no complain. I work every other weekend but I can still enjoy with my friends and my family. Last Saturday my friends, my sister and I went the movie theaters. We watched the neighbors it is a funny move and they are done some hilarious things to each other. Sunday I went my brother house to see my nephew and help her mom to a babysitter.

  7. khadija mohamed said

    On weekends I usually spend time with my family. I am a mother of ten years old daughter and a wife. There are many things I do on weekends: first, I cook food for my family; second, I clean the house and I help my daughter if she has her homework. When I have a free time for myself I visit my friends and go to the masjid to pray. My weekends are really busy to be a mother and wife.

  8. My weekend is very important to me, I have the opportunity to spend time with my kids, because me and there mom shearing perinatal time.i enjoy taking them to the park, movies, and Chuck cheese which is there favorite hang out sport.And also spend some of my weekend watching soccer of cause I’m a big soccer fan and I can’t wait for the world to start in 3 weeks.

  9. My weekend varies with different activities. Some of the activities that are carry out by me during the weekend are partying, hanging with friend, AMC theatre, shopping, playing soccer with friends and the last on my list is studying after work. My weekends are always fun! The term “YOLO” means you only live once on earth so why not live the best part of life.

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