Your Writing History

May 7, 2014

Welcome to the ESOL 960 Blog!

Tell a little about your writing history.  What type of papers have you written?  Do you like to write?  Why or why not?


8 Responses to “Your Writing History”

  1. Alpha Sarjoh said

    This is my first writing class I never been in school in the United State I did some writing on A4 papers and some copy books. Yes I love to write, because it is fun writing and sometimes I help my daughter writing her ABC, and sometimes I wright letters to friends and family out of the from Sierra Leone and we as a country we learn English to write English.

  2. khadija mohamed said

    I learned writing to ESOL 860 last year. I written many paragraphs’. I always like writing because is my hoppy to read the stories and write the stories .when I am writing I enjoy telling a stories especially my stories about my live I pass through because I believe telling is experience. I like writing that stories make me to remember my passed and is good to know about it. Then I always to tell my daughter.

  3. Akbar Hardowar said

    Last semester I was in ESOL 860.I had a great teacher name Miss Carr and I have learned new writing skills. I learned how to use part of speech. I did not know how to use different types of part of speech. Part of speech was difficult. I wrote a lot of stories about myself. My favorite story was about my favorite food. I enjoy writing that day. I did not like writing before but I can say that writing is beautiful. I know that writing is difficult but it is support to be that way.

  4. Augustus said

    I was in esol860 .I learn about english grammmer. I learned present perfect ,past perfect, present future, I learned about count noun and non count noun and also about future tense, past tense and writing sentences . I also learned how to use presentation. I also learned letter writting. In that class I learned public speaking.

  5. biftu ibrahim said

    Last semester I was in ESOL 860. I had a wonderful teacher name Mrs. Fall. We learned a grammar rule and also learn how to write a complete sentence. she did gives as a timed writing which in class. Also she review it and mark it and give as back so we can correct them our grammar mistakes before she grad it. I believe I like writing because I got some progresses in grammar.

  6. Rebecca S. James said

    I am Rebecca, in high school I wrote some papers mainly Narrative, Descriptive etc.. Narrative paper has to do with one telling a story or an occurrence and Descriptive on the other hand descried or tells one of the component of a thing or person.
    Writing is one the favorable things I love to do, in doing same it gives me an in-depth of who I am by expressing my feelings, thoughts and it enable me know the person or thing better..

  7. misra osman said

    Last semester I wrote paper about my future career in ESL 860. I liked because I get good grade and it is prefect paragraph. My teacher was Mrs. Jane she is nice, kind and I learned new things from her. Mrs. Jane taught us about noun, pronoun, subject, verb and how to write a good sentence. The reason I get good grade because I used Mrs. Jane strategy she said if your sentence doesn’t have verb and subject that sentence is fragment sentence

  8. Writing is my priority as a student who’s ambitious about getting his degree. As a requirement, writing is a specific tools that guards us and have us establish what’s on our minds on a sheet of paper. The basic of writing a good essay is make your sentence meaningful so that the reader comprehend what was written. Writing is part of my everyday life.

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